I want to try hunting . . what do I need to know first?


 We  get LOTs of people that want to try hunting but don't know where to  start or what to expect.  It can be a bit intimidating so hope this page  will help answer a few "get started" questions.  This list will be  revised as more questions come in : ) : ) 


 Hunting  at Cloudline is for FUN!  In order to have fun and keep enjoyable for  all we have to have some rules - just like any other sport. Masters and  Staff are here to help make this a "dream come true" experience for  you.  We need your help as well to maintain great sport for everyone and  to keep our landowner's happy.   

Hunting  at Cloudline is for FUN!  In order to have fun and keep enjoyable for  all we have to have some rules - just like any other sport. Masters and  Staff are here to help make this a "dream come true" experience for  you.  We need your help as well to maintain great sport for everyone and  to keep our landowner's happy.   

Hunting  is a sport of lovely well preserved tradition - a family oriented sport  and we greatly appreciate your help in maintaining this philosophy.  

Cloudline  maintains the highest standards in regards to proper attire and  etiquette.  Our founding Masters motto was and is "If you can hunt with  Cloudline, you can be comfortable hunting anywhere" and we do our very  best to help you with that today!  However, we have never and will never  keep someone from enjoying the sport because they have not had time to  get the proper attire or forgot something - we will make every effort to  accomodate and expect the same in return.  Just ask a Master and we  will help you in any way we can.  

Cloudline  is a private pack - hounds are owned by the family and is a non- profit  organization.  Membership is by invitation only and invitations are  sent out annually or by request during the season.  All your donations  are greatly appreciated and  go directly to the feed, care and  maintenence of the hounds and hunt territory. 


Cloudline  is granted permisssion to ride over various land by our gracious  landowners - EVERY courtesy must be given to them and respect for their  livestock and property.  For this reason we have leaders (Field Masters)  that will guide you through the hunt that are knowledgeable of the  territory and desires of each particular landowner.  Riders much keep up  with the group and there is no riding on hunt land other than during  actual hunt days/times.  Schooling days can be arranged if you want to  practice over hunt country. 

Always walk thru livestock or stop completely if they seem to be spooked.

ALL  GATES MUST BE SHUT immediately as well as they were when we got there  or even better if possible.  Do not ever assume that someone else is  coming that way and will get it.

All jumps that have wires across  to prevent livestock from jumping out must be put back up after last  rider in a particular group has completed.  Do not ever assume that  someone else is coming that way and will get it.


 Hunting  can be a bit overwhelming for horse and/or rider first time out as  there is so much to absorb that it is recommended that you come out and  lease a horse so that at least one of you has had experience before OR  come out with your horse and trail ride or school the hunt country  before hunting.  Contact Susan for info on any of these.

Current  Coggins and Hunt Release is required.  Capping fee of is $100 required of  all guests of the hunt and payable the day of the meet.   You may "cap"  two times a season.   If you desire membership, please contact one of  the Masters and we will be happy to get you information! : ) 


Best  piece of advise - Please don't buy anything until you are sure it is  correct and acceptable - there are LOTS of people that think they know  or have good intentions, but hunt apparel can be expensive and we don't  want anyone to make a purchase that is not correct - if in doubt, PLEASE  ask a Master - call or text from the tack store - email that ebay item  you think is perfect - we will do our best to answer as quickly as  possible.

Another note - we do make some exceptions, so just  because someone else is wearing it or doing it, please stick to what you  know is correct - for all you know, they left something at home and we  of course allowed them to ride in whatever rather than miss a great day  of sport --- but please don't go out and buy whatever they were wearing!  : )

HELMETS REQUIRED FOR ALL RIDERS THAT INTEND TO JUMP AND  RECOMMENDED FOR ALL.  If you decide not to wear a helmet then we have an  additional release to be signed.

Long hair needs to be secured neatly with hairnet. 

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khaki knee patch britches (no full seat)
white show shirt  white stock tie (we have some on our website or you can borrow on for first time out)
black  coat for formal days - preferably black buttons (no shiny) but we have  several sizes so again, you can borrow if you need to.  Informal days  (usually Sunday's and designated on the fixture card ((schedule)) as  "ratcatcher" you can wear a tweed jacket and again we have some  available to borrow. 
Tall black boots - no laces for formal days and  laces acceptable for ratcatcher days.  If you don't have those - first  time out you can wear paddock boots and half chaps.
black velvet covered helmet - solid black velvet - no stripes or other decor - you can use a velvet helmet cover is needed.
gloves - dark brown or black riding gloves - work gloves/deerskin are not correct. Gloves should not be noticeable.
no sunglasses
no "extra" attire such as scarves, earmuffs, pins or jewelry, etc.
proper raingear is permitted on days when deemed appropriate by Masters - black oilskin or waxed jackets made for riding. 


Meet  time is the TIME THE HOUNDS GO OUT - THE TIME WE LEAVE, MOUNTED AND  READY TO ROLL.  BE ON TIME OR YOU CAN GET LEFT BEHIND as it is not fair  to those who have the respect to prepare and be on time.   First time  out, I recommend coming really early - it will make your day more  enjoyable! : )

Directions to Cloudline are on this website on page "Directions"

Parking  -- will be noted on the fixture card.  Remember, the people driving by  are locals and you are most likely about to go ride on their land, so  smile, wave and make do! : )

When at Cloudline - Please DO NOT  PARK ON THE GRASS or DRIVE ON THE GRASS- no matter what the condition of  the soil is.  If its grass, the primary landowner, the Col. considers  it his yard! : ) If you can't find anyone to ask, just park at my house.

Do not block the road when parking or the entrance to any of the barns. No  schooling jumps or any obstacles during a hunt - this is called  "larking" and is not acceptable.  Schooling can be arranged on a  separate occasion. 


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