What distinguishes Fox Hunting from other Equestrian sports?


If  you haven't enjoyed getting to know the hounds,  I strongly encourage  you to do so.   Knowing the hounds and learning about scenting and  strategy will add an entire new dimension to the sport for you! : ) 


 They are the most LOYAL creature on the planet with hearts of gold that  live to provide you good sport.  They all have different personalities,  yet you can certainly "see" characteristics in common bloodlines which  is fascinating.  If you hunt for several years you will start to  recognize special characteristics of lineage. 

 At Cloudline we encourage members and guests to come meet the hounds at  Hound Walks or make an appointment to meet them before the hunt or on a  day off - bring the family!  Not much I enjoy more than showing off our  beautiful hounds and in particular sharing their joy with the young! : ) 

 So, if you already have a hound you love or want to pick one we have an  opportunity for you!   You can pick a favorite hound and sponsor it for  the season!  We have had many requests to show support for our wonderful  hounds so here it is!  : )   

 We will post each sponsor on that hounds individual page.  You can also  have your photo made with your hound and we will post it as well! : )  Thank you for supporting our hounds! : )